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My 3.5 year old has been at Lollipop since she was 8 months old. The initial transition to daycare was difficult but her teachers were supportive and reassuring throughout the entire process. My daughter now loves going “ to school” every day to see not only her friends but her teachers (past and current) as well. We have been blessed with amazing teachers at Lollipop!! The teachers at Lollipop have helped to develop my daughter’s love for learning and confidence. I am grateful to have a place where I know my daughter is thriving socially and academically. 

Clarissa L.


Thank you for your kind hearts & love for our three kiddos. Everyone is kind, friendly & addresses our kiddos by name even if they aren't in their room. Lollipop is not like other daycares, the staff and administration are all about the kiddos and making them the best humans they can be. We are forever grateful and our kids are so lucky to be at Lollipop. Thanks for being you!

Bobby & Maria M.

We are so appreciative to bring our kids to Lollipop. They have been wonderful at focusing on teaching our kids to just be the best little people they can learn to be. A lot of places don't prioritize that skill anymore, but it's the most important one for little kids to learn. 

Jessica H.


Lollipop has been an amazing school for our son Chase. His teachers are like an extension of our family and we know he is always taken care of. Their app allows for instant communication and allows us to see his activities throughout the day helping us to stay connected. Seeing his growth and the friends he has made confirmed Lollipop is the right choice for us!

​Kim W.

I recommend Lollipop Childcare Center. My son has attend this childcare center since he was one year's old and he is now 4. 

What I enjoy about this childcare center is not only the structure, but the family vibe, the staff, the great rating, and the learning my son receives all of these years.

It is very hard to find a childcare center where a parent feels secured about their child(ren) well-being. I've never had to doubt that at Lollipop. I appreciate all that the staff and owners do! My son loves everyone there and so do I.

This is a must check out childcare establishment if anyone is seeking for a reliable and trustworthy child development center.

Shanté D.


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